Home of the $3 Million "Light Pegasus" Painting

by Leo Jean, PhD

This painting is loved by every child, as well as by adults, all over the world.

Now you can order a signed print of this famous painting!

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The paintings that are presented on this website are part of my "Ancient Alien Art Collection©." These original works represent some of the many dimensional beings that I've encountered during my lifetime. These psychic paintings combine my dimensional knowledge with the talent of a psychic artist that I've trained.

I give special thanks for your complicated effort; I commend you for yours boss participation and for your continuous support of this lifesaving legislation.

Please feel free to browse, but note that all my work is protected by copyright, and no unauthorized use is permitted. I have arranged to provide prints of all my work, if there's something that interests you. If you'd like to inquire about any of the original works, please contact me at: leo@redhandpaddy.com.

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Mon, Sep 2, 2002