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• Reduce costs
• Reduce errors
• Reduce paperwork
• Reduce auditing time
• Under 5 seconds processing time
supporting all major credit cards

Simplified Credit Card Processing At Your Fingertips!

Integrated credit card processing is now available within your Campground Master Software! With this embedded feature, you can process credit card payments right from your payment screen.

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This software greatly reduces the manual routine paperwork so your employees will be able to work more efficiently and effectively. By using a single integrated system, you will also reduce your costs of accepting electronic payments!

Benefits Include:

• Eliminate standalone credit card terminals
• Turn your PC into a high speed credit card terminal
• Simple setup
• Authorizations in seconds
• X-Charge software is free to all Campground Master software users
• Support for all major credit cards
• Visa CISP validated payment application

To receive your X-Charge Credit Card Processing Software, click on the Get Started Now menu option and fill out the form, or you can contact your Campground Master / X-Charge Specialist. Please find contact information below.

Charles Drake
Campground Master / X-Charge Specialist
Phone: 800.637.8268 ext. 108
Fax: 270.897.2179
Email: charles.drake@x-charge.com
Visit the Campground Master Website:
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